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End of Summer Intensive Salt Scrub

salt scrub

This is a recipe that does not require precise measurements. There really is no wrong way to make it. You put a pine tar bunch of Epsom salt in a bowl, squirt in some aloe vera and soap, add a spoonful of oil and grated lemon peel and you are done. You want it to be on the dry side so that it has some grit to it. So, when you have added everything and stirred it together, you may want to top it off with more salt if it seems too wet.meterials 

This is not the kind of salt scrub that you can package and store. The fresh lemon peel means you should use it soon after making it. I store mine in the fridge in a covered container for a few days. For longevity you could use a lemon essential oil instead or dried lemon peel shavings.

Other things you could add:

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