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Spear Head Spade from Glorious Outdoors LLC

Spear Head


Got a gardener on your holiday gift list? Forget the sweater. Who needs another scarf? We've got the perfect gift -- the Spear Head Spade.

This light, strong garden tool slices through even the toughest soil with ease, making planting, dividing, even edging a breeze. We guarantee that this is one practical gift that anyone who likes to toil in the soil will love.

Designed by a mechanical engineer and his father, a retired farmer determined to keep gardening into his 80s, this 21st century take on the garden shovel is a gardening game changer. Here’s why:

• "Cutting Edge” Patent Pending profile makes digging up to 80 percent easier.
• Super-efficient design is lighter and less tiring to use than most shovels
• Blade is 33 percent thicker, 25 percent harder than traditional shovel.
• Reinforced fiberglass handle construction is professional grade.

The Spear Head Spade is the brainchild of 85-year-old Daniel Mathieu, an avid gardener who longed for a way to keep doing what he loved, and Daniel’s son Julien, a mechanical engineer.

“With each year gardening was becoming more difficult for my dad with his artificial knees and hips. But he was determined to pursue his passion. He took a shovel and started to cut it down so he’d have less metal to push into the ground,” Julien Mathieu said. “That was the genesis of the Spear Head Spade. We refined it, getting the angles just right and making it with tough materials. When everyone who tried it was amazed by how well it worked, we knew we had to get this product to market.”

The Spear Head Spade is ideal for digging in rocky and clay soils. Dividing plants and breaking up stubborn roots takes noticeably less effort. The Spear Head makes gardening a pleasure again for seniors, women and anyone looking to make digging in the dirt a breeze. The harder the digging, the more it makes a difference.

The Spear Head Spade comes in two models, 41-inch handle with comfort D grip and 59-inch straight handle. Suggested retail is $46 for the short handle model and $48 for the long handle model.

About Glorious Outdoors LLC

Founded in 2009 and based in Windsor, Connecticut, Glorious Outdoors, LLC develops and markets products that enable people to better enjoy the outdoors. This is done through designs that make it easier and simpler to beautify and enjoy our outdoor environments. The patent pending Spear Head Spade™ enables gardeners to more fully enjoy gardening by being tough on tasks, but easy on you! The Spear Head Spade is the creation of Daniel Mathieu, an 85-year-old gardener and inventor, determined not to let his age deter him from pursuing his favorite hobby.

Daniel’s son Julien, a mechanical engineer and patent-holding inventor himself, joined his father and helped hone the concept into the revolutionary Spear Head Spade™. Currently available at top garden supply stores, national flower and garden shows, and online at

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