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Esse Reusable Bags Voted 'Best Gift to Give' by City Pages

Esse Bags 


Everyday solutions for saving the Earth — that’s what Esse is all about! Esse has created a complete line of high quality, machine washable bags that all fold small and fit inside a CarryAll Tote shopping system. Voted as a best gift to give this holiday season, the CarryAll Tote helps people to remember and use their reusable bags and offers an extra pocket to store coupons and shopping lists.

With the holiday season in full swing, now is the time to try our best to eliminate one-time use shopping bags. According to the EPA, from Thanksgiving to New Years Day, the average household waste increases by more than 25 percent. An additional one million tons a week fill our landfills with food waste, shopping bags, packaging and gift wrap. Half the paper America consumes is used as packaging and wrap for consumer goods. It is estimated that 38,000 miles of ribbon is thrown out each year- which is enough to tie a bow around the earth! Well over 500 BILLION plastic bags are produced annually with less than 8 percent recycled appropriately — ultimately they end up in our sewers, rivers and even IN our wildlife.

The CarryAll Tote was designed to hold enough bags to accommodate a full cart at the grocery store (a family of four’s once a week trip to the market) but allows extra room to add more bags if needed. Both my business partner and I were tired of the plastic bag chaos under our sinks and the cheaply made, over-advertised reusable bags on the market,” says Holly Jordan, co-founder of Esse. And as mothers, we never seemed to have enough bags to shop for our families. So together, we designed high quality, foldable bags for every shopping purpose and bundled them together in a petite and stylish tote with an extra pocket to store coupons, lists and receipts. We call it, containing the madness.”

Esse Bags replace paper, plastic and produce and has just introduced a new key-chain size bag, the Clip-It, and a foldable insulated grocery bag, the Cool-It. They also fold small and fit in the CarryAll Tote.

• CarryAll Tote retails for $36

• Everyday Bag (replaces up to 2 plastic bags with each use) $7

• Grocery Bag (replaces typical paper bag) $7

• Reusable Produce Bags 2/$5 or 4Pak/$9

• Cool-It insulated grocery bag $12

• Clip-It Key-chain bag for small purchases $5

Esse Bags are sold online and at Twin City area retailers Moss Envy, The Electric Fetus, and the Bibelot Stores as well as many local co-ops like The Wedge, Grass Roots and Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville. Ask for them at your co-op today!

For further information, contact Holly Jordan at 612-239-0699.

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