Rebecca Martin, Managing Editor

Rebecca meets a really big catfishGrowing up on a Kansas farm prepared Rebecca well for MOTHER EARTH NEWS: Her parents taught her to can, freeze or butcher almost every living thing except for her two younger brothers. The family had a large garden and raised chickens, beef cattle and wheat. Milk came from a dairy down the road. Fruit trees were picked clean for pies and jams. One of Rebecca's fondest memories is foraging in the pasture for mulberries which were canned into jelly jars that glowed like purple gems. By the end of the summer, preserved foods packed every square inch of the home's pantry and chest freezer. It all tasted great and instilled in Rebecca a lifelong love of quality, locally grown food.

Rebecca left the farm as a young adult to pursue a graduate degree in American Studies at the University of Iowa. She then spent many years working for history museums, learning how to identify and catalogue a variety of antiques (ironically, many of which hung in her parents' barn). Museum exhibit scripts had to be edited to present only the most important information, and Rebecca also learned how to craft intuitive and easy-to-scan web pages. After a couple of decades in the museum field, though, she yearned for a career that would challenge her in new ways while building on old interests and skills. A friend told her about an opening at MOTHER EARTH NEWS and the history job was, as they say, history.

In addition to her interest in real food, Rebecca has an affinity for green transportation, particularly bicycling. She has been a dedicated bike commuter for at least the past decade, and is surprised when others complain that a seven-mile commute is too far (distance being inconsequential to someone who has bicycled across the state of Nebraska for fun). Besides commuting, Rebecca and her husband often run errands by bicycle and incorporate cycling into their vacations — including Niagara Falls (photo at left). You can follow all their cycling adventures in her blog, Get Spoked.

Hobbies include cooking and baking, gardening, reading and helping friends in their vineyard. Rebecca also works at improving her arm strength for playing Osage Orange hedgeball baseball with the nieces and nephews. She doesn't consider bicycling to be a hobby; it's more of an obsession, really.

Bicycling at Niagara Falls

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Rebecca Martin is a Senior Associate Editor at MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine, where her beats include DIY and Green Transportation. She's an avid cyclist and has never met a vegetable she didn't like. You can find her on .